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Wet Room Shower Tray Formers

What are wet room shower tray formers?

A wetroom shower tray former is designed to remove the water just like a shower tray, however a wet room shower tray former has an approximate 2 degree fall manufactured into it, once the tiles and wetroom installation is complete, water will flow naturally to the drainage area of the wet room shower tray former. Without this natural fall on the wet room shower tray puddles would be created.

These natural falls can be designed in many different ways allowing the drainage location to be placed in different areas of the shower area. Wetroom shower trays as is either manufactured from Foam or a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) at point of manufacturer these fall lines are either cast or CNC machined in the to the wet room shower tray.

While installing tiles into the wetroom area, different cut lines will need to be carried out to ensure you still have a fall to the drainage area, depending on the size of the tiles some will be visible and some won’t be. Depending on the size of the wet room shower tray these lines will be visible if you can’t see the fall lines simply place a spirit level across the wetroom deck and you will see a gap, This is you drainage fall.