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Jackon Insulation

Jackon Insulation

Jackon Insulation wet room products

Who are Jackon Insulation?

This German company is a market leader with twenty five years production experience.

Formed in 2006 following the merger of two companies, Jackon Insulation’s goal is to supply high quality products through innovative product development.

Their objectives include the creation of high performance products such as Jackoboard wet room kits, which Trade Wetrooms brings direct to customers across the UK.


Jackoboard wetroom kits:

There are three high quality Jackoboard wet room kits that Trade Wetrooms sell, all of which give great results when used to create a wet room.

These are the Jackoboard Wetroom Tray 20mm, the Jackoboard Corner Wetroom Tray and the Jackoboard Wetroom Tray 40mm.

All of these three Jackoboard wet room kits can be used on concrete or timber floors, and two of the three wet room trays can be used with offset or centre wet room drains.

They all need underboarding support and they can only be used with tiles.

While the Jackoboard Tray 20mm and Jackoboard 40mm have multiple drain positions, the Jackoboard Corner Wetroom Tray only has an offset drain position.

Jackoboard has a core of extruded polystyrene foam and an outer layer of special plaster and fibreglass weave.

This makes the wet room tray extremely strong and it will remain useful for many years.

When buying a Jackoboard wet room tray from Trade Wetrooms, you are able to customise your purchase to make it into a bundle.

This means that you can order a Viega drain and tanking kit along with your wet room tray.

There is a wide choice of Jackoboard wet room tray sizes as well as a choice of outlet position for the Jackon Insulation drain.

Horizontal outlet positions have a higher flow rate (51 litres) than vertical outlet positions (38 litres).


Why buy Jackon Insulation from Trade Wetrooms?

We offer a wide selection of sizes of shower elements, as well as the option of including a horizontal or vertical wet room drain.

Also, we offer the option of including Jackon tanking kit with your purchase.

This waterproofing kit only takes four hours to dry.

With an easy to use website and online shopping cart, it is easy to order online from Trade Wetrooms or by ringing 01235 856521.

When you order before 1:30pm, you will receive your order the next working day.

Jackoboard products are delivered by top quality courier APC.