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Getting the right Wetroom Screen

With so many different types of wetroom screens on the market we understand it must be difficult to choose from the all the different ranges of products out there. Does budget allow spending the extra? Do I buy unbranded versus branded? So many questions!

Milton Amber Wetroom Screen It’s not all about price when you buy glass, whether its £100 or £1000 there has to be differences right? Well yes and no. Currently the vastly cheaper models of wetroom screen are imported from China where product is mass produced at rock bottom prices, the quality of the actual glass does differ as glass is made up of many different chemical and materials which can affect the look within the glass screens over different thickness and sizes, thus bringing into question what really is in that glass product!

So this draws us to the question what do you get for £1000, well to be honest not much more, the glass is manufactured to a different standard but fundamentally at the end of the day it’s a sheet of glass!

However there does become a difference in product when you start looking at the fixings for the glass, this entails items like brass fixings and not steel which when coated in chrome finish does rust and the chrome peels off.

Milton Amber Back To Wall Brace You have the flexibility with a glass screen to have many different types of fixings. These include wall profiles that allow compensation for out of true walls, back to wall braces that extend to 1200mm in length allowing many different types of configuration and also finally a floor to ceiling pole which allows you to create a walk through shower area.

Amber Clear Glass Protection We have sourced some of the best wetroom screens on the market. Our Milton Amber wetroom screens are manufactured in the United Kingdom, allowing us to have them manufacturer to 2000mm high and 8mm thick by standard. As a little extra we have also included glass protection allowing easy cleaning.

With optional floor to ceiling poles or back to wall braces you can create many different types of configuration.