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No More Ply Tile Backer Board


Why buy No More Ply Tile Backer Board?

The No More Ply substrate is made from fibre cement providing a surface which is easy to tile on to. It is not affected by moisture absorption and is dimensionally stable. Easy to transport, this heat resistant tile backer board can be used with most underfloor heating systems and is not flammable. The No More Ply tile backer board is easy to cut and you can purchase the No More Ply Scoring Knife to do this, which is sold separately.


Where should I buy No More Ply Tiling Board from?

Trade Wetrooms is the best place to purchase your tiling board from. We sell 6mm and 12mm sizes of No More Ply. The 6mm is BBA approved and has a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, while the 12mm fits flush with any plasterboard and is ideal for the use of heavy tiles.


What else do I need to install No More Ply tile backing board?

You will also need to buy Mega Strength adhesive, which we sell at Trade Wetrooms. This adhesive is waterproof and fast setting, making it ideal to use to install No More Ply tile backing board. It can be used on both wood and concrete floors.