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Kaskade Wet Room Kits


What are the benefits of creating a Kaskade wet room?

When you buy a kit for a Kaskade wet room, you will be able to create a wet room with strong long lasting flooring, as the tray is made from dense foam with a fibre glass coating. Kaskade trays are designed to form a true level access shower area.

The drain supplied with this wet room kit has a flow rate of 40 litres per minute, and you have the choice of a drain with a horizontal or vertical outlet, this outlet choice increases the options you have when using a Kaskade wet room kit. A faster flow rate means that dirty water will be carried away quicker. The German made trap is compact with a height of 90mm and the grate is stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Kaskade wet rooms have kits that come with a twenty five year manufactures guarantee and BBA approval.


How easy is it to install a Kaskade wet room kit?

Kaskade wet room kits are easy to cut to size. There is the option of purchasing the Megaproof tanking liquid with this product, which covers an area of 10 square metres. Tanking liquid is easy to apply and Megaproof is a fast drying tanking liquid.


What type of flooring do I need?

We sell Kaskade wet room kits for both tile and vinyl floor surfaces, and they can be installed on timber or concrete floors so you can have a Kaskade wet room whatever type of flooring you have. Choose from three different sizes of wet room tray.